A Little Throw Back

A couple of months ago I got to celebrate a life long friends graduation. Friend? Well, I think its safe to call her my sister at this point! The whole family! They have always showed me so much love, from a little bit until now. Supporting my business and whatever I have going on, for that I want to say thank you guys sooooo so much! 

(Side note, I've got some really good vlogging footage from our travels to Maryland and back haha, soon shall we release it!) 

Moreover, we have both grown into some pretty intelligent beings. It's funny how time away from someone allows you both to grow in your own time, in your own way. However, at the same time learn some very similar lessons and wind your roads back together again.

Shout out to my family and friends the Moore's. Congratulations to you Mel, I know you are about to rock itttttttt!!!

Jamey StevensonComment