A Proud Sista

I've watched my sister grow from a girl, to a teenager, to a young adult, and now a woman. With a full and beautiful family of her own. Not to mention a soon to be addition to the family! 

They are expecting a baby boy and I couldn't be more happy for her and the rest of my fam. One thing I know is that I am so blessed to have such a dope family. We may not see each other everyday, we may fuss and argue at times but the Lord has blessed me with some beautiful angels.

I'd like to give a BIG congratulations to you sis and Eslam. It never matters what people say; good or bad. The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself. Continue to prosper, grow, and encourage yourself everyday!

I love you, Serenity, Trinity, Eslam, and my future baby nephew so so much!