Love Struck

"I first met Jamey a year or so ago at church and from her vibe alone,  I knew that I wanted her to be my photographer for any special moment I had in life. I knew that I could trust her to "capture the moment".  My soon to be husband kept hearing me go on and on about how important it was to have Jamey to take our pictures before marriage, after marriage, and whatever moment we felt that was a special moment in our life. Pictures are important to me because you are able to trigger memories when you look at pictures. I don't ever want to forget what a moment was like. 

To look into Ron eyes and him look into mine the earth stood still. God has blessed me to be with the most handsome loving man on this earth and Jamey was able to capture a piece of our love through the lens. Between me waiting for all of the bridesmaids to arrive and me rushing to make sure the photo shoot wasn't kissed by the rain it was reassuring to have the patience and smiles coming from Jamey. A simple smile can put a bride at ease throughout her chaotic "everything must be perfect" times. It truly was a blessing for the exact vision I had to come to life with the pictures. From start to finish , the photo session was professional, a moment to remember and fun!"

-Naomi Jamece

Jamey StevensonComment