3rd Sign "The Warm Up"

"My whole line is just a story about me going through and dealing with tough situations. I'm honestly extremely shy and self conscious about myself. Growing up, I wasn't popular, allowed to do what other kids were doing or hang out with them.

I just didn't fit in anywhere, and as a result I grew up socially awkward. At the age of 16 I came up with 3rd Sign being everything I wanted to be. Confident, cool, that guy everyone wanted to hang out with and all the girls wanted. At that time the only way I saw to become that was to not care and do what I wanted. Later down the road I'm glad for the way my mom raised me and with the fact my little sister at the time was my only fan.

3rd Sign is my alter ego pretty much that's growing and learning to help thatdepressed kid become somthing great. With every day I'm getting better at being me and what I do, and it's only a matter of time before everyone has no choice but to recognize that."

-Loren King

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