photography + Retouching

Here is some hard facts for you (because we know everyone likes facts right!) 65% of the population are visual learners. Chances are they not only learn visually but judge everything around them through visuals as well. Including your business. No matter if your in the business of service, producing goods, or an online business your visuals need to be solid! Oh, wait...there's more! 55% of people communicate nonverbally. What does that mean for you? Sorry to say this but no one really cares about what you say. However, there are 55% of people that would love to SEE what you do. So. Lets just get to it already. 


Know your customers

It's important to know who you're targeting. Sometimes it's forced, and often times it happens naturally. Either way, give your audience what they want with visuals that please them and keep them looking for more. Look, here is an example...Your a company that designs genuine footwear. Solid, handmade footwear that is made custom for each client with precision and intimacy. Instead of only writing that in your "about us" section just show them! 


create compelling campaigns

Having the right visuals are everything in running a successful campaign. Remember, 55% of people would love to see you! More then 30% of the text in an ad goes unnoticed. Use images that immediately grabs their attention and also says THIS is who we are. 


have a little fun

It's 2018, have a little fun with your customers! Now days winning the battle of being a successful brand means that you get a little vulnerable. People want to see that the owner of their favorite company is just like them. Building a bank of creative and corky images for your blogs, social media, and yes your campaigns makes a world of difference. People love you!